Monday, March 28, 2011

sick day

I am, by far, the worst sick person I know. I have none of the capabilities of dealing with it gracefully. I tend to either ignore it or milk it for all its worth. Sometime both. Here is a dialogue between me and my mom yesterday.

me: I have work and school tomorrow.
mom: You need to go to the doctor
me: but I work all week and have school and girl scouts and tutoring. there is no time for the doctor (p.s. so far in this blog every time I have written doctor I have put an "e" on the end.)
mom:call off
me: what?! no.
mom: you need to rest.
me: fine. I will call off...and not go to class.
me: will you make me soup? and hot chocolate? with little marsh mellows?
mom: really?
me: yes. and sing me "soft kitty?"

so now I have a doctor appointment later tonight and am home for the day. I have been watching the biggest round up of crap tv too. I feel that this step should be prescribed.

Just felt like I should do something quasi-productive with my day. How do you deal with being sick? what's your favorite way to pass time while on the couch/in bed?

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