Tuesday, September 28, 2010

a story about how I STILL have no candy corn

I went to the doctors office early this morning, earlier than I like to get up at least, and she looked at my foot. It's still gross but the bandages came off and there is this thin line of stitching and tape and its all blue for some reason. She gave me more couch days and told me that by the weekend I should be fine.

Last night I applied for about ten thousand writing jobs and have already heard back from two of them. I realized that if I am going to all the trouble of worrying about my future (I realized that I need a bike, a schwinn cruiser bike with a basket, so that I can take My-Future-Pug-Watson to my favorite gelato place on Magazine street...who worries about bills?)I might want to start going through with that idea I had where all money from writing gets saved. To do that, I need writing jobs.

Branden was going to bring me candy corn last night and I did the whole "oh, don't go out of your way" bit and...well, he didn't. He may be coming over after work "to give you hugs and cuddles and massages." Perhaps that will include the elusive candy corn.

In conclusion, though I like how nice my family has been to me these past few days I am ready to be walking again. I have work to go to, things to buy, hair to get cut (tomorrow!), haunted houses to scream in and halloween stores to browse.

Monday, September 27, 2010

experimenting with pictures and technology

tehe, beach ass

this is my cat, Goblin

this is my dog, frodo

this is me and my adorable friend/future roommate, Sarah

The Commandments of a Modern Living Arrangement

I was reading http://www.rachelintheoc.com/ today and fell in love. Honestly, here is a lady who makes it her business to examine how the man/woman dynamics are changing and share her genius with the world. It really got me thinking about what the commandments of a modern living arrangement.

1. When in doubt talk it out
no relationship is going to work if you can't talk to each other. Talk about what you expect from each other. Do you hate to do dishes? Maybe your "other" doesn't mind them but hates laundry.

2. S/He who cooks shall not clean
This only applies for the house. If your roommate toasted a hotdog and didn't pop one in for you then you don't have to do the dishes. However if they made an actual meal and you benefitted from it then you can only repay them by getting elbow deep in dish soap.

3. know thy own pet peeves
you need to know what drives you bat shit so that you can share that information. You also need to know what drives your roommate crazy.

4. The prophet, Aretha Franklin, knows
RESPECT baby. Think about how your decisions will effect your roommate. Don't use their stuff without asking, give them some alone time, and warn them if there is a naked man sleeping on the couch.

5. whistle while you work
Seriously, it's a shared space. Pick up after yourself and if your roommate doesn't then refer to commandment number one and talk to them about it.

Seriously I had the worst roommate experience ever and I can honestly say that I may be well on my way to becoming an expert on bliss worthy living arrangements.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Miami's (post)Secret

Every week I check Post Secret. I love the way funny secrets mix indiscriminately with the serious, tear-to-your-eye ones. I love the idea that reading someone else's secrets can help a person confront their own and start to heal wounds that holding something in can cause. This week, before I could check it for myself I saw the above secret.

I've seen secrets from other schools before but since it wasn't MY school I didn't think anything of it. Was it a student who posted it? Could it have been the professor? What, if anything, is going to happen now that this is out?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

sleepy, itchy, and bitchy

One of my best friends, Bridget (above) has a blog here now breadjitjownz.blogspot.com is going to be all about her hilarious encounters with customers she deals with in her job as a front desk clerk at a hotel. It will be a blog version of the texts I used to get from her at two, three, and four in the morning.

I'm so ready to be healed by now and it's only been two days. I got my crutches yesterday though and though they help a little (I don't have to hop everywhere) I am all together too unbalanced to be comfortable with them. They do have red parts in them though and that makes them about as stylish as crutches can be. As if to increase my frustration I have to be determined future plans with an old friend to learn how to do some sexy latin dances and go out to The Underground's Latin night.

I'm trying my hand at using social networking as more than just a way to keep track of the goings on of my friends. I believe that the internet is a sort of modern day deity. Every time I put things into the internet, a request or some such thing, I get a perfect answer back. My first writing job? I googled something along the lines of "help me internet I need a writing job." I posted that I needed an actual job on my facebook and some one I have never met/known/heard of messaged me with a job posting. Now, I want friends, computer friends, networks of like minded people.

P.S. I think I am the only person I know who had never had surgery before. Why, oh why, did no one warn me that a side effect of pain medication is itchiness?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

oops! the link is http://www.talesfromthepornstore.com/?cat=48

my future home edition

So I'm sitting here at home with my foot propped up after surgery today. I have had a ganglion cyst on the top of my foot for about four years and finally had it removed. I'm not nearly as entertaining as I thought I would be what with my pain medication and the drugs they put me to sleep with. Mainly I am thinking about how dangerous this could be for my bank account. As my friend Amanda over at Glows Novel Addiction can attest one of my favorite ways to pass the time is to look for things to think about (hardly ever actually) buy.
As of now it seems that as of next summer I will be a student at either UNO or Loyola and a resident of New Orleans. I am currently looking for things to fill my future home.

Things I think I need that I probably don't:
coffee table books- top contenders being vintage pin ups and travel photographs
an apron-my obsession with procuring and apron is strange and fairly needless as the only reason I can cook is because of my blind devotion to Martha Stewart.
and that brings me to...
Martha Stewart cookbooks

Things that I am pretty sure I can make
coasters- I can get titles and stamps and make my own
a cool clock- maybe from an old record or an awesome plate
a cook book- if I can get all my friends to write me one recipe :)
paintings- ummm...my future roommate is an artist and i am skilled with stamps and stencils

Maybe I can make some of these things while my foot heals so I can get them off my mind. I feel like I could end up like that ginger kid on the fruit roll up commercial who had to hop on one foot as that is my mode of transportation right now.

And since Amanda asked so nicely here
are my first ever attempt at erotic horror :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm Baaaack.

Not sure what happened there but hopefully I can get back into the habit of blogging.
Last year I stopped doing a lot of things that I loved doing. The commercial for that depression medicine, the one with the little blob, yeah they got it. You just don't want to do ANYTHING and that includes things that you loved doing before. The biggest crimes against myself were to stop reading and to stop writing. This month has been an epic month for reading. I have zoomed through books in the same way that I once did and just spent two hours in Borders with Amanda the other day buying four new books. I am reading The Dark Tower series, The Mortal Instruments series, The Hunger Games series, and The Demons Lexicon series. That's a lot of series.
I also started to edit the last thing I wrote. I "finished" a rough rough rough draft of a story for NanoWriMo last year and have started to edit that as of this week. I hated my main character, had a confusing and rushed plot, and was worried that I wasn't getting the gothic/creepy/halloweeney vibe that I wanted across. Chapter by chapter I now at least have a main character that I like. Editing feels really good after so long, like cleaning out the closet that you shove everything into when you clean the rest of your room.
I'm having surgery on my foot next week and will be house bound for two weeks. What a perfect time to get back into my habits of reading and writing.
I'm also excited because I write some short stories for another blogger a few months ago and he should be putting them on his site soon. Super excited to see how my first attempt at ...well...erotic horror went.